Customer Care

In line with the Consumer Code for Home Builders we provide a Customer Care service

Strongvox are committed to building quality new homes, each with the benefit of the NHBC Buildmark Scheme and backed with our Customer Care service.

Every effort is made throughout the construction process to ensure quality and finish are to a high standard and regular inspections are carried out by our own Site Managers, Contracts and Production Managers and Directors as well as by the local NHBC Inspector and Building Control Officer.

There is a dedicated handover procedure when you first step into your new home. We provide you with a handover pack which contains warranties and practical information. It’s about making sure you know how everything works, from the boiler to the lighting controls. We talk to you about your home and how to maintain the property so it presents beautifully.

Emergency (office hours only): 01823 444055

Address: Customer Care, Strongvox, York House, Blackbrook Business Park, Blackbrook Park Avenue, Taunton, Somerset TA1 2PX

Email: Enquiry form

Useful Customer Care Documents:

Lawn Care PDF

Customer Care Service PDF

Six-month Defect Report Sheet PDF


Strongvox provide a two year warranty with your new home and undertake to deal with any necessary and agreed repairs as speedily and efficiently as possible. Your new home also benefits from the cover provided by the NHBC Buildmark Scheme. Any product warranties provided by manufacturers will also apply during the initial two year period.

The NHBC Buildmark Scheme

The scheme becomes effective on the date of the issue of the NHBC Ten Year Notice, at or about the time of legal completion and is in two parts.

  • An Initial Guarantee Period which extends for two years from the date of the NHBC Ten Year Notice. This provides for putting right any defect or damage to your home caused by faulty materials or workmanship. During this initial Guarantee Period, Strongvox undertake to put right any items covered by the Buildmark Scheme.
  • A structural insurance period for eight years (i.e. years three to ten) from the end of the Initial Guarantee Period to the expiry of the NHBC Ten Year Notice. This insures you against major damage due to a defect in the structure or damage to the drainage system caused by non-compliance with the NHBC technical requirements.

What to do if something goes wrong

We realise it may take a period of time to properly settle into your new property, therefore after six months in your home, in the event you have found any issue, please complete the six month defect report and notify Strongvox Customer Care Department by sending the report through the post or by email. Notification by telephone should ideally only be used to report genuinely urgent items. It is wise to also confirm in writing any items reported by telephone. This procedure is in your interest and is recommended under the terms of the NHBC Buildmark Scheme.

Strongvox will arrange to visit your home, inspect any items you have reported and confirm any relevant arrangements for service or repair to be carried out. If an item is not considered to be our liability, or outside the provisions of Buildmark, this will be clearly explained to you together with our reasons.

Emergency Cover

Emergency or urgent situations are thankfully rare. During the two year Initial Guarantee Period Strongvox will offer assistance as quickly as possible and categorise it relating to its priority as follows;


If people or property are threatened we will action this within 24 hours.

  • Serious flooding
  • Complete electrical failure
  • Complete heating and hot water failure
  • Dangerous structures
  • Gas leaks
  • Blockages to sewer drains
  • Security to the property


  • We will deal with problems leading to damage or breakdown within 3 working days
  • Minor leaks to water supply, pipes or boiler
  • Lighting failure
  • Loss of water pressure

During office hours emergency or urgent issues should be telephoned through to our Head Office.

Out of office hours, these should be telephoned directly through to the appropriate sub-contractor for the development.

Contractors’ details are included in your handover pack.

Non-emergency callouts could result in the purchaser being charged by the contractor.

What’s NOT covered

  • Any problems caused by natural drying out, shrinkage or condensation.
  • Problems with any workmanship, materials or appliances brought to the property by the owners or occupiers or which have subsequently been added to the property.
  • Any cosmetic defects to decoration, tiling, textured or plastered ceilings, kitchen units, worktops, sinks, sanitaryware, fitted bedroom furniture, appliances, glass or other fragile items which are not reported within seven days of legal completion.
  • Situations caused by storm or accidental damage, negligence, abuse or poor maintenance of the property or appliances, including waste or drainage blockages caused by the inappropriate disposal of waste.
  • Damage to worktops due to water penetration into the chipboard core.

Working Hours

Whilst we aim to minimise inconvenience to homeowners, our in house Customer Care Team, Subcontractors and Companies that attend your home can only do so during their normal working hours.

In general, you will be requested to provide access to your home between the hours of 8.30 am – 4.00 pm Monday – Friday for work to be inspected and/or carried out.

Please note that no weekend appointments are available except in the event of an emergency.

The latest time during the day which an appointment can be made is dependent on how long has been estimated the job will take.

Six month defect report

On receipt of a Defect Report, we will contact you within two weeks to arrange an inspection appointment. Should you have not heard from us within this time, we suggest you contact our office to ensure that is has not been lost through the post or email.

Following an inspection appointment, an inspection report will be completed and you will receive a copy confirming the findings and detailing what action will be taken.


Should remedial work need to be completed in your home, below is an indication of our general timescales. If you have been waiting longer that the timescales indicated, please contact the Customer Care Department.

Customer Care Coordinator – should contact you within two weeks of your completed inspection.

Subcontractors/Companies – should contact you no later than two weeks after the inspection has taken place.

At certain times, some areas may become busier for certain trades than others which may lead to some delays out of our control.

Don’t Forget

Central Heating boilers and systems and Gas Fires require annual servicing. This is the responsibility of the homeowner and needs to be carried out separately from any warranty cover we may provide. Gas Safe registered engineers will be able to arrange this for you, together with ongoing maintenance at the end of your two year warranty period. Please note that annual servicing is a condition of warranty cover, such cover may be affected if an appliance has not been serviced and failure could have been prevented had servicing been carried out.

Appliances such as central heating boilers, cookers, dishwashers and washing machines are covered by manufacturers warranties and service support networks. Please ensure that you do register manufacturers warranties. In the event that an appliance requires service we recommend that you contact the manufacturers service agents direct. Contact numbers may be found in the product literature in the handover pack.

It is important to get to know your new home and how it works, where the controls, stopvalves etc. are located.

Before contacting Strongvox, please first ensure that:

Your Central Heating boiler or system cannot be restarted by resetting the boiler controls, programmer or other shut off service – refer to the Boiler operating instructions.

Any failure of gas, water or electricity supply is not caused by local supply problems or failure – check first with your local service provider.

You have tried to stop a water leak via any appropriate service valve or stoptap and that the leak cannot be contained using a towel or bowl etc. In the event that water is causing damage or penetrating an electrical fitting, contact us immediately.

Drains are not blocked as a result of inappropriate disposal of waste.

Your electrical supply cannot be restored by resetting the master tripswitch or circuit tripswitches, on your consumer unit (fusebox), or a potential safety hazard exists.

In the event of storm damage to roofs etc. we recommend that you immediately contact your household insurers who will advise you on the correct action.

In the event of blocked drains we recommend that you contact a professional drain clearance company, arrange for clearance of the blockage and obtain a written report from the operative on the cause of the obstruction. Strongvox will reimburse drain clearance costs if an obstruction is found to be due to defective installation.

Please be aware

Buying a new home on a development often implies that other properties will continue to be built around your home after you have moved in. We will take care to respect your occupancy however there will be work on the site every day until it is completed. This will invariably lead to dusty and noisy conditions during the working day.